Tool Rental Policy

We charge for time out, not time used. Prices are subject to change without notice.​

Rates for rentals equipped with timed meters are based on 4 hours for a half day, 8 hours for a day, 40 hours for a week, and 168 hours per
month. Additional usage will be charge accordingly.



Customers can rent any piece of equipment for a four hour rate between 3 PM - 5 PM and return it before 9 AM the following day.  Metered equipment policy still applies and customers are allowed up to 4 meter hours on the equipment. Overnight rental does not apply on Saturdays.  See weekend rental below.



Customers can rent any piece of equipment for a one day charge on Saturdays and return it before 9 AM the following Monday.  Metered equipment policy still applies and customers are allowed up to 8 meter hours on the equipment.  Overnight rental (Mon - Fri) does not apply.

All equipment are sent out full of fuel. Please remember to fill the gas/diesel tank back to full prior to your return. A fuel charge will be
added to any equipment returned low on fuel. Please be sure to verify the gas if full before leaving.

DAMAGE WAIVER (optional):
If your equipment is damaged while in use, our rental damage waiver will help you avoid out-of-pocket expenses, limit your liability, and
control costs. The optional fee is available at an amount of 10% of the items cost. Oxon Hill Rentals assumes risk of damage to rental items,
except the following risks assumed by the Customer: (a) Loss, damage, vandalism, malicious mischief, and theft (b) Loss, damage or theft of
accessory items such as extension cords, etc. (c) Loss due to mysterious disappearance or wrongful conversion by a person entrusted with
rental items (d) Damage waiver is null and void if damage is caused by a third party not associated or related to the Customer.

Flat tires are customer’s responsibility. Please verify that all equipment is in working order before leaving our lot. Flat tire service rates are
$30 per hour for labor, plus the cost of repairs.

Customers should be aware of how to use our equipment before leaving our lot. Our employees will be glad to test run our equipment for
you to verify the equipment is in working order. Please inspect our equipment before leaving for us to note any previous damages. Any
complaints on rental equipment must be called within one hour of leaving our store to be considerable for any adjustments. 

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F: 301.248.7856​


Store Hours 

Mon - Fri:



8 am - 5 pm

8 am - 3 pm


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