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Rent any party item on a Friday or Saturday

and bring it back to us the following Monday for a one day charge!


Moon Bounces

Please browse through our large selection of moon bounce rental items.
If you don't see the party equipment you're looking for, please call us and we will try our best to get what you need.
Moon bounce rental for all ages

Delivery and Pickup Required for All Moon Bounce Rentals

13 X 13 Micky Clubhouse Moon Bounce

*Accommodates children 4 years+



13 X 13 Avengers Moon Bounce

*Accommodates children 4 years+




13 X 13 Minnie Mouse Moon Bounce

*Accommodates children 4 years+




10 x 10 Toddler Moonbouce Rental

10 X 10 Toddler Moon Bounce

Accommodates children 4 years and under



10 x 10 Castle Moonbouce Rental

13 X 13 Crayon Moon Bounce

Accommodates children 4 years+



15 X 15 Birthday Cake Bounce

Accommodates children 4 years+



Prices are subject to change without notice

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