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Rent any party item on a Friday or Saturday

and bring it back to us the following Monday for a one day charge!


Canopies & Tents

Please browse through our large selection of canopy rental equipment items. If you don't see the party rentals you're looking for, please call us and we will try our best to get what you need.
Frame Canopy Rentals at Oxon Hill Rentals
We'll set it up for FREE! Just pay for delivery and pick up. Please call for prices.

Frame Canopy (All Surface Tents)

Pole Canopy (Grass Only Tents)

Canopy FAQ

Get the facts on our canopy rentals!

Choosing the right type canopy

What is the difference between a pole and frame canopy?
A pole canopy has one to several poles within the middle of the tent and has ropes and stakes outside of the tent. These tents are placed in backyards to open fields on flat grass. A frame canopy has no center pole and can be installed on any surface.

What is required to rent a pole canopy?
​Pole canopies require at least five feet of clearance area added to the size of the canopy you're looking for. This is required to provide room for the stakes that secure the canopy into the grass. Also, having a flat surface is necessary to reduce slacking. If the area of your yard is not where you want your tent is not leveled, please consider in renting a frame canopy.

What is required to rent a frame canopy?
​Frame canopies only require the area of the tent.  Five feet around the tent is not required because these tents are set up with a steel frame. They can be placed on any surface from grass to asphalt and adjusted to any height. We secure the frame canopies with stakes on the corners or with concrete blocks.

Choosing the right size

Canopy Capacity
​10x10 - Accommodates up to 20 people
15x15 - Accommodates up to 35 people
20x20 - Accommodates up to 50 people
20x30 - Accommodates up to 75 people
30x30 - Accommodates up to 100 people
30x40 - Accommodates up to 125 people​


*Seating accommodations vary by table sizes used

20 x 20 Frame Tent Rental

Prices are subject to change without notice

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